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Understanding the importance of education


Education is important in society because without the obtainment of a high school diploma, GED or College Degree, an individual will invariably face barriers and impediments regarding their ability to obtain a job.


As a result of these basic educational requirements enforced by society and more specifically employers, without a functional education system,, an individual would have a difficult time functioning and earning an income. If an individual or community fails to focus on the importance of education, the ability to obtain a well-paying job and the subsequent ability to raise a family or pay deals would met ridged barriers. The most rational way to reach career success is create goals; the most rationale way to achieve pertinent knowledge needed to satisfy such goals is through education.


with reference to the above mentioned We collaborate with higher educational institutions [among others Florida National University (FNU)], with the purpose of setting up scholarship funds to help 12th grade students who are currently studying but would not be able to attend such institutions without financial aid.

Standing as a leader for promoting higher education in South Florida, Florida National University (FNU) has partnered with Toys for Kids Miami Foundation (TKM) to expand opportunities for post-secondary education to 12th grade students enrolled in public high schools in Doral. Honoring the mission statements of both organizations, the TKM scholarship aims to Prospective applicants are required to comply with Florida National University’s standards for scholarship application in order to be considered. Complete applications are then submitted to Toys for Kids Miami Foundation for consideration. Recognize students for their educational achievements.


To apply please email us at


South Florida Institute of Technology’s number one priority is our students and the quality of education.


Proudly donated 5 scholarships to Toys for Kids Miami Foundation.


SFIT programs also enhance students' existing technical skills and expertise in a particular vocational field in order to provide our students with skills for a lifetime of opportunities.


To apply for this scholarship please email us or call us for more information.

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